About Us

Nomad Shelter has been in operation since 1995 and was incorporated in Alaska in 1998.

Lee and Jess Tenhoff are the owners and on site supervisors. Lee does the design work and over sees the various component manufacturing. Jess works in customer service and business management.

The Village serves as a venue for art and performance in summer and winter. There is an outdoor stage and a 40 foot yurt on site which is used for performances and  classes year round.

The staff works year round and most of the crafts people making the yurts have been on staff for many years. All are experienced, talented and careful.

Nomad Shelter Inc is located at 331 Sterling Highway in Homer Alaska. We are on the right after the intersection of Sterling Highway and Pioneer ave. There is a small village of yurts in all the currently available sizes set up around a stage. The yurts are rented out to various small businesses that provide local art and services to visitors and the community.

The cover manufacturing as well as the ring assembley and skylight assembley is located in the frame construction shop on the property. The insulation shop is located in the 30 foot yurt to the right of the fabric shop. The Sales office is currently housed in the 16 foot diameter yurt to the right of the stage. The wooden components are also made in shops owned by subcontractors as well as at the Nomad Shelter wood shop at Northern Enterprises boat yard.

Alaskan Yurt Rentals

Alaskan Yurt Rentals is also housed at the same site. This is a company offering Nomad Shelter yurts as rentals in the Kachemak Bay State Park as well as rentals for stock on hand when available.