Why Us?

Nomad Shelter is comprised of a dedicated group of independent crafts people cooperating to make the best possible product in portable shelters. Each component has its own team of 2-3 people that work together to give each piece the care and attention it needs.

  • We are independent Alaskan workers that care about the product we make.
  • Each component has a customer's name attached.
  • Each employee knows the destination and future use of the component they are making.
  • We are connected personally to every project.

Nomad Shelter founders Lee and Jess Tenhoff live and work in their yurts and have been since they first moved into a yurt of their own design in 1987.
They work very closely with the teams to upgrade and evaluate production and design. Jess is available for communication including questions about production progress and sales questions via email and phone. Lee is available for consultation on floor ideas and logistics of shipping and set up, as well as custom design needs. He is best reached by appt. through Jess.
We deliver quality yurts. We do our best to meet schedules...we can assure you that we would not be in business for 15 years without paying close attention to the desires of our customers. The majority of our sales come from word of mouth referrals.  We prioritize clear, frequent communication during the building of your yurt. We work with you individually to personalize and customize your yurt home.
Our design is completely distinctive. Although based on the traditional Asian Ger we have modified and designed additions and components that make this shelter the best it can be for durability, safety, strength and ease of assembly.
Our yurts can enhance your life in so many ways. Check out the uses page for ideas for yurt uses that you may never have considered.

Thank you for considering our yurts in your selection process. The best part of our work are our yurt customers. Our experience is that you are caring, independent thinkers. We enjoy working with you in creating your vision for your unique environment and needs.

Jess and Lee Tenhoff

Please read the recommendation from Pali Overnight Adventures below:


December 20, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Please let this letter serve as an outstanding recommendation for Nomad Shelter of Homer, Alaska. The recommendation and commendation applies to the product, pricing and the outstanding level of customer service from both Lee and Jessica Tenhoff.

We have seven 30’ Yurts from another company and we are so pleased with the Nomad Shelter yurt we will be using no other product other than Nomad Shelter Yurts when in the future we purchase more. The company we previously dealt with as well as others I contacted could not make the 40’ Yurt that we needed. Nomad Shelter was not only able to provide the 40’ Yurt but also provided extraordinary assistance putting it up since it is a bit different than the previous ones we have purchased and put up.

An interesting side note as I am typing this letter is that we are having a severe storm with wind gusts up to 80 mph hour. It blew the roof off the roof 30’ yurt that we purchased from another company that is sitting right next to our Nomad Shelter Yurt and it isn’t phasing the Nomad Yurt at all.

So I give Lee and Jessica Tenhoff and their Nomad Shelter Yurts my highest recommendation and if you have any additional questions please feel free to email or call me directly and I will be more than happy to answer them.


Tony R. Lees
Site Director, Pali Mountain
Pali Overnight Adventures