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Heating Your Yurt: A Simple Guide

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

50' Nomad Shelter Yurt with a 10' Compression Ring & an 8" Stovepipe

Traditionally the yurt is designed to be compatible with extreme temperatures. Our yurts stand true to this tradition and are specifically designed for Northern climates, yet compatible to all. In cold places like Alaska, and beyond, it's more a matter of keeping it toasty than cool. Regardless, our yurts are engineered for both and this is a quick guide to our the tried and true methods of keeping your yurt cozy.

4' Skylight with Uncapped Chimney Opening
  • Each Nomad Shelter yurt is equipped with an opening in the skylight, structured to accommodate a 6-8" standard stove pipe.

  • We also provide a cap for the chimney opening if you choose to use an alternative heating method.

  • You will need to attach a class A chimney assembly to the inside before installing the chimney.

  • We recommend Metalbestos.

Angled Chimney for Space Efficiency

You can position your chimney straight down for a fireplace in the center of your yurt, or throw a few angles in there and put the fireplace off to the side. Galvanized hanger straps may be used for the latter option to securely fasten your chimney to the rafters as pictured to the right.

We recommend keeping the stove pipe at least one foot away from the walls and ceiling for safety measures. Also you should always place cement board or another incombustible surface under a woodstove, and behind for larger stoves, or position it further from the wall.

Alternative heating methods can also be used in our yurts.

Any electric, propane, or diesel heater is applicable.

If you chose to use a heater which requires a ventilation exit, we can manufacture your yurt with a Duro-Last ventilation fixture upon special request. This is a permanent alteration to your sidewall and the exact placement must be determined before you order your yurt.

There's a plethora of options to heat your yurt, each with their own assets for your accommodation . After all, one of the many benefits of living in the round is the effective

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