• The yurt platform and stove/pipe are not included in our prices. A list of materials, platform diagram, and pipe/stack dimensions are provided, as well as a Setup Manual and phone support.

  • The yurt platform (sub-floor), not just deck, should be factored into your overall budget, as it can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the size of your yurt, materials, and builder(s). We are happy to refer service as you need it.

  • All yurts have a borough tax of $37.50.

  • Our yurts have a production time that varies seasonally between 6 and 16 weeks. Contact us to inquire about our current production schedule. We will reserve a production date for you when your yurt deposit is accepted.

  • Shipping crates apply to freight-way shipping (mostly to the lower 48). In-state orders only require handling/loading costs, which are included in the base price.

  • We find it most cost effective for customers to source doors and windows locally. We will ensure your door and hard window frames are sized to fit the door and windows of your choice.

  • All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

  • Shipping quoted FOB Homer, AK.

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