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The Greenhouse Yurt

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

16' Nomad Shelter Greenhouse Yurt Color Tan

Spring is dancing in sweetly and our greenhouse yurt makes the perfect space for your garden to start, grow, and thrive this summer.

If you're not much one for gardening it can be a pleasant sunroom, a bright tea nook, or arctic entryway, truly whatever your heart desires. These beautiful structures are incredibly functional, and undoubtedly versatile!

The circular space has long been held sacred for aesthetic and convenience purposes when it comes to life, serenity, and gardening. Our greenhouse yurt captures the elegance of a circle by offering infinite potential; creating a space which inspires a comprehensive mindset .

We haven't yet, but we can manufacture greenhouse yurts in every size we offer, from 12'-50'. You could be the first person EVER to have a 50' greenhouse yurt!

For now, we'll discuss the components of our greenhouse yurt, break down the steps of acquiring your own, and provide resource buttons for further action!

The Components

12' Greenhouse Yurt


It's the same basic framework as all of our other yurts. Lattice, rafters, compression ring, skylight, and doorframe(s).

However it has a different outer shell.

There’s no need for windows, but you can still add hard window frames and source any type of window, for ventilation or fengshui. You can also add any permittable number of doorframes for maximum accessibility.

The Cover

The walls are composed of a combination of the standard Duro-Last used on our other yurts, and a clear, medium gauge industrial polyvinyl. This unique duo adds to the lifespan of the structure without compromising the sunlight allowance.

The Roof

Greenhouse Roof of our Woodshop in Homer, Alaska

The roof is constructed out of fiberized vinyl which is incredibly durable and allows plenty of sunlight to flow in freely. We utilize this to our advantage at our manufacturing facility, in our office and woodshop for maximum visibility while working.


There's also no need for insulation in these bad boys. Although, you can absolutely slap in some insulation and a fireplace and make it a year-round structure!

To Order a Greenhouse Yurt

Ordering a greenhouse yurt is simple:

  • Go to the pricing section on our website.

  • There you will find our Build Calculator. Select the size you desire and then select "Greenhouse Option".

  • You may then select the color of your Duro-Last accents, and the number of doorframes you'd like.

  • Once you are happy with your selection, fill out the contact form and either click "order now" to receive an email with payment information, or "share your design" if you are not ready to order and would like to just share your design with us. A copy of your design will be sent to your email, and If you choose to order in the future we will have your design in our records.

Bear in mind we cannot add any polyvinyl windows to a greenhouse yurt, so the window option will not be available when you select the greenhouse option.

If you desire hard window frames, the doorframes must act hard window frames when designing your yurt in the build calculator.

The construction and assembly of door and hard window frames are virtually identical.

If you would like to order insulation with your greenhouse yurt, please let us know in the additional comments box at the end of the build calculator form. We will requote you during your consolation.

Click the button below to check out the Build Calculator for pricing and custom options

If you have further questions regarding our yurts, click the blue button to visit our frequently asked questions section.

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