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The Need to Know: Doors & Windows

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

You know you'll need at least one door, but what you might not know is just how many doors and windows you can have.

We embody bespoke design for customer satisfaction, to the utmost of our manufacturing capabilities. This means we will do everything we can to create your personal vision for your yurt. There are many ways we cater to our clients desires; one of which being your choice to add a reasonable amount of windows and doors, in all sorts of configurations, to suit your fancy.

A standard number of windows and doors are included in the base price of each yurt, relative to the size, but you can have fun with this.

Check out those custom spaced doors and hard window frames
Dream Yurt Under Construction!

As pictured above, we offer custom spacing for all of the doors and windows on your yurt. This allows you to capture not only your ideal fengshui, but every possible inch of the exquisite views surrounding your yurt, and each breath of the fresh breeze from whichever direction you desire.

The goal here is that by the end of this article, you shall be well informed to the window and door placement options we offer, in addition to having a comprehensive understanding of the control you have as the customer to design your ideal yurt. There will also be buttons linked to more of our informational resources for your yurt related queries. First, however, I'll break down the basic options for you.


We offer two different selections for our doorframes.

Single-wide frame
Double-wide frame (also referred to as French door frame)

The single-wide doorframes are offered at a standard width of 36" for 18' yurts and above, and 32" for the smaller yurts.

The French doorframes are offered at a standard width of 72" for larger yurts, and 60" for yurts 16' and smaller.

We do offer a few custom width options if there's a specific door size you would like.

This is a detail that we can finalize once you have submitted your design through our build calculator.

We only manufacture the door frame for your yurt, giving you the opportunity to source your doors locally. The one exception to this is the 12' and 14' yurts with a 6' wall, which come with a custom handcrafted cedar door.

Polyvinyl Windows & Hard Window Frames

Each yurt has a suggested number of polyvinyl windows specific to that size. We offer the option to upgrade one, or multiple windows to a hard window frame.

The Hard Window Frame Next to a Polyvinyl Window
Our Standard Polyvinyl Window

Polyvinyl windows

Storm Flap Window Cover Zipped Down
Storm Flap Window Cover Unzipped, Rolled up, & Buckled

If you opt for the polyvinyl window option, the yurt cover has sewn on storm flaps that can be zipped shut from the outside, or rolled up and fastened with heavy duty quick release buckles.

All of our standard windows are 40x48" completely removable polyvinyl panels that come with fully detachable bug screens. Both of which are secured with robust, industrial grade Velcro.

Bug Screen & Polyvinyl Window in Closed Position
Polyvinyl Window Separated from Bug Screen Exposing Velcro

Bug Screen & Polyvinyl Window Separated from the Yurt Cover

These examples are pictured with the optional silver insulation insert between the window and the lattice.

Hard Window Frames

The hard window frame is a similar design to the doorframe; a Douglas Fir frame constructed to the same vertical dimension of the yurt wall. It is assembled the same way as a doorframe.*

We offer an array of standard and custom rough opening choices, and you can always frame out smaller windows in larger rough openings, as pictured below.

A Small Sliding Window Framed in Above French Doors

We do not offer windows with our hard window frames. Instead, the customer has the freedom to source windows to their individual preference.

Bay Window and Fixed Picture Window with Hard window frame

After all, not everyone wants the same kind of window. Some prefer a bay window reading nook, or perhaps a set of awning, sliding, or casement windows to allow fresh air to ventilate through your sacred abode. In other cases, some prefer stable picture windows to stay sealed in the cozy round while enjoying their views. It's all about what the customer most prefers, so we give you room for creativity with your design.

How to Get Started

Now that we're all excited and informed about the integrity of the design, it's time to get to it! I'll break it down into foolproof steps:

  1. Head over to the pricing section on our website**, where you will find our build calculator.

  2. Here you can play around with several of the custom features to get a sense of the cost, and if you find the one you're serious about, go ahead and fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and you can chose to click order now, or share your design***

  3. Once you have submitted your design, we will contact you in your preferred manner designated by the contact form at the end of the section.

  4. During this consultation you may chose the width of your hard window frames and/or doorframes from an array of options, and we will also discuss the placement of the doors and windows, and any other necessary details about your order.

It's as simple as that to get started on your path to living in the round!

So if you have been thinking about getting a yurt, or just curious what the cost will look like but not sure how to find out, THIS IS YOUR SIGN. Go check out the build calculator, and while you're on the website why not poke around at some of the other cool things we have up? Check out the gallery for stunning yurt shots, inspiring interior designs, and cool videos all about our Nomad Shelter Yurts! We also have some downloadable files with tons of information on setup and specs, an FAQ section, and more details about the company and the people that help bring our yurts from a vision to a product.

Resource Buttons:

* To refer to the setup manual for specific details on the assembly of all yurt components, click the blue button below.

** To go to our Pricing & Build Calculator, where you can see pricing options, and begin to visualize your perfect Nomad Shelter Yurt, click the green button below.

***The difference between order now and share your design is explained on the pricing & build calculator linked above

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