Alaskan Tough Yurts

Nomad Shelter Inc has been producing yurts for the Alaskan and world markets for 16 years. Our yurts are used as primary residences from the tundra’s of Nome to interior subarctic foot hills at Cold Foot...

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We would like to invite you to compare strength, quality and value as you choose your yurt manufacturer. We are certain that you will agree, Nomad Shelter yurts are the strongest, warmest and most durable yurts available. That’s our mission. We don’t make a light duty yurt. It wouldn’t be safe, given our market.

Alaskan owners and founders, Lee and Jess Tenhoff, have lived and worked in their yurts continually since 1987. The design reflects that close connection with the yurts and their experience adapting to some of the most challengingly extreme environments on the planet. The Alaskan Yurt design has evolved from the Tenhoffs direct experience. The warmth and strength is in the details. Details discovered through years of use.

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