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nomad shelter alaskan yurt in homer alaska beautiful view

built alaska tough

Our yurts utilize the most robust construction available in the world.  Tested and approved by Alaskan winters!


Custom handcrafted yurts

Nomad Shelter yurts are hand crafted by our experienced production team in Homer, Alaska.  Every Nomad Shelter yurt is a custom yurt!

You pick your custom door and window locations with complete freedom.

Structural frames to support French Doors or large glass windows are our specialty. 


Questions? we have answers

Yurts are amazing structures, but there are some things to consider about living in the round. Whether you're just curious or ready to build, we got you covered.


"We are so pleased with the Nomad Shelter yurt we will be using no other product."


"An interesting side note as I am typing this letter is that we are having a severe storm with wind gusts up to 80 mph. It blew the roof off the 30' yurt we purchased from another company and isn't phasing the Nomad Shelter yurt at all."

Tony R. Lees

Site Director, Pali Overnight Adventures

Do you have a Nomad Shelter story to share? We'd love to hear from you!

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