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alaska tough yurts

100% Duro-Last roof and walls
Custom door and window layout
Radiant and thermal insulation

Alaskan Yurt Rentals at Tutka Bay

Build your dream yurt or check out our new Lease to Own program!

"We are so pleased with the Nomad Shelter yurt we will be using no other product."


"An interesting side note as I am typing this letter is that we are having a severe storm with wind gusts up to 80 mph. It blew the roof off the 30' yurt we purchased from another company and isn't phasing the Nomad Shelter yurt at all."

Tony R. Lees

Site Director, Pali Overnight Adventures


Experience the comfort and serenity of a Nomad Shelter yurt for yourself through our partnership with Alaskan Yurt Rentals.

Stay "in the round" with nightly rentals at select destinations across Alaska, featuring an array of Nomad Shelter models.

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