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Straight From The Wood Shop: Handcrafted Components

Welcome to the wood shop! Our yurts are handcrafted here in beautiful Homer, Alaska by a small team of dedicated craftspeople. We source only the best cedar and Douglas fir for our wood components, and always strive to give each yurt the love and attention it deserves. All of these pieces work together to create a perfect balance between flexibility and integrity, giving the cover and insulation a beautiful framework to wrap tight and make cozy.

Compression Rings

A Nomad Shelter compression ring is truly one of a kind, you won't find one like it anywhere else in the industry. Our largest yurts feature a ten foot diameter ring! This incredibly engineered component is literally responsible for holding the yurt together, and we wanted our rings to do their job in style. All our rings are labor intensive hand-crafted works of art, crafted only by our most experienced carpenters.



Our octagonal cedar and Plexiglass skylight is another distinctive feature of a Nomad Shelter yurt, offering beautiful views of the sky and basking the yurt interior in natural light. The rugged central safety bracket fits a standard stovepipe insert for quick installation, and a carefully crafted hinged vent allows for easy temperature regulation in your yurt.



Welcome to the lattice shop, another fundamentally unique and important part of the Nomad Shelter yurt system. While other companies boast about 1-1/2 inch lattice, Nomad Shelter sets the bar with a lattice cut to 1-3/4 inch. We also set shorter spacing between the lattice to ensure a stout, solid wall in the face of wind and heavy snow loads. With a Nomad Shelter yurt there's no need for upgrades or additional hardware because we have wind and snow rating designed into the structure itself.



Nomad Shelter rafters use mortise and tenon joinery to connect to the central compression ring. This style of joinery inserts directly into the compression ring, giving the connection far greater strength than the more common metal bracket or pin design. Our mortise and tenon joinery prevents torsion or twist in the frame. The rafters do not need wire lacing to prevent twist or to have extra screw holes drilled to secure brackets or insert pins. Rafters are all hand-finished and oiled to bring out the natural grain of the wood.


Door Frames

At Nomad Shelter, every individual piece of the yurt has been carefully designed to handle the most extreme conditions, and our door frames are no exception to the rule. While the lattice gives the structure flexibility, the door frame gives the structure rigidity. The interaction between these two systems gives the yurt its renowned strength in adverse conditions. So we decided to go all out and provide a full 2x12 door frame as a standard on all Nomad Shelter yurts to reinforce our reputation as the most epic yurt on the market!


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