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The Duro-Last Shell & Custom Comfort:

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Staying cozy with our proprietary seasonal insulation

It’s no secret that it gets COLD up here.

This draws the logical question, how can I be sure my yurt will stay warm in the winter and withstand harsh weather?

Not to mention winds exceeding 100 miles an hour and violent sleet. All of these factors come into concern when deciding which type of structure you’d like to erect, for any purpose.

The Nomad Shelter yurt is equipped to handle all of these variables. Combining flexible design integrity, and impeccable material choice; these structures offer a serene comfort in the round, all year round, with a fetching and malleable aesthetic.


The Duro-Last Exterior Shell

The Duro-Last outer membrane is a 40-50mil thick outer shell made of a flexible, fire and bacterial growth resistant pvc.

We offer an equally effective selection of colors:


Our original tan is a beloved classic. Keep it sweet and simple with this soft desert sand reminiscent tone.

Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta offers a sweet earthy flavor to compliment natural surroundings. Camouflage with the earth as you reside in your abode.

Light Gray

The light gray Duro-Last is like the bright clouds on an overcast day. This shade pairs well with other colors and adds a bright note to your yurt!


A simple white. Elegant and gentle, perfect for a sweet spring morning, serenity under the sunrise, or spotted in autumn leaves, and everything more.

Dark Gray

Dark grey hints a rustic chic. Industrial and classy. Pairing beautifully with modern and natural hues.


Our Custom Blend of Insulating Material

As a family owned company with roots in Nome, Alaska, we know what cold is, and how to combat it! With superior engineering we offer a custom blend of materials to thoroughly keep heat in, or out depending on your climate!

Both of our insulation options integrate a mildew and fire resistant interior layer to keep your home, business, or utility space safely mildew free and protected against unexpected flames!

Three-season insulation:

Our three-season insulation is a combination of Reflectix double reflective insulation and a mildew/fire resistant polyester layer.

The Reflectix is composed of two layers of reflective film bonded to a double layer of heavy-gauge polyethylene bubbles.

These components work together creating a lightweight yet durable insulation option for our yurts in less extreme climates and seasonal applications.

Four-season Insulation:

The four season insulation is our much more robust insulation option. It is tried and true to keep you cozy all year long, even in some of the most remote regions of Alaska.

This option is composed of our three-season insulation, supplemented by an inch of industrial grade polyester batting, encased in the mildew/fire resistant polyester fabric.

That's FIVE layers of foolproof with our four-season insulation, plus the weatherproof, mildew & flame resistant Duro-Last outer membrane.

We've got you covered for long lasting comfort all year round, in the round.

Click the button below to start building your yurt today!

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